About Kisan Agro Sahakari Samiti Ltd.

As per preliminary forecast for the year 2019-20, the total food grain production in the State is expected to be 249.88 lakh tonnes which is a decrease of 8.06 per cent as compared to production of 231.25 lakh tonnes for the previous year. While Kharif output is projected to increase by 5.56 per cent, the Rabi output is expected to increase by 9.50 per cent.

Rajasthan has 11.26% of the country’s livestock population and contributes about 12.93% of the total milk production and 32.89% wool produced in the country.

Rajasthan is one of the largest states in India taking part in organic farming, with over 81,000 hectares of registered organic farm area.

KisanAgroSahakari Samiti Ltd. (KASSL) is a co-operative society functioning in Rajasthan. We continuously strive for empowering our members to stable & sustainable income while inspiring a cooperation culture within the community.

We take delight in imparting our understanding for our members to get them an appropriate return for their produce, bring government benefits to them, and empower them with knowledge. We strive to implement the most productive and modern farming techniques among our members.

Our constant endeavours are aimed to not only support the farmers at grassroot level but also to assist the government in its mission to support agriculture in the state.
We believe in CORE
C – Cooperate
O – Organise
R – Revenue
E - Empower

Corporate- Farming practices where farming operations are conducted cooperatively . In this agricultural practices are conducted by individuals on their holdings jointly. It allows little farms to do what big farms can do , buy input at bulk rates , increase volume to open new markets and lower the per -use cost of equipment.

Organise - farmers are often faced with the lack of time. Striving to manage all farm activities timely in order to ensure the best possible outcome, there is not much time left for planning and, in the end, analyzing the complete crop production. organization is an essential component of successful farming. Generally speaking, a well-prepared farmer is a successful farmer.

Revenue- To get more crops With more availability of water, a farmer is able to increase the crop yield. For growing more crops per sowing, a farmer needs to apply several techniques like rice intensification in case of paddy cultivation; sow higher-yielding seeds; use better fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides to tackle nutrient deficiency and make of use of technologies such as drip irrigation.

Empower- There are multiple ways we empower farmers. We help farmers getting to towns and cities for diverse market opportunities. This is a way that a higher portion of profit for the food goes to the farmer. And often, it ensures you’re getting really fresh food- not stuff that was picked weeks ago (before it was ripe and then shipped far distances). More nutrients for you, more love for your local farmer.